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eProp/COEUS is a web-based proposal development tool created to assist faculty and research administrators in streamlining the pre-award process. This tool brings together the FES, budget development and science pieces in one location on the web which can be accessed from WSU or home. It will allow budget development functionality directly on the form, including calculating the out-years; it will calculate F&A, including backing out exclusionary items from the base; and, it will eliminate the need to hand carry or fax the FES to various areas for signatures.

eProp/COEUS is a repository for all grant applications faculty members have worked on, past and present. In addition, this tool identifies which sections of an application is complete and which are still being worked on, as well as providing the status of the application as it is being routed through the approval queue.

To access eProp/COEUS click here, and enter the same access ID and password you use to access your WSU email.

Printable Version eProp Job Aid

 Printable Version of Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Questionnaire